Double Whistles


Double 'shepherd flutes' are common in Eastern Europe and the Balkan. Playing two flutes at once, you have a mini orchestra in your pocket. They are also referred to as 'the bagpipe of the poor'.


The ones offered here exist of one diatonic major scale 6-holed flute and one sensitive drone that jumps in the natural harmonics while playing. They are made out of two hand-drilled separate trunks of inland wood, set together. The space in between the two windways is as small as possible for playing comfort. Common keys are A and G.


Double Shepherd Flute in G#

Old work, hand-drilled stained Elder wood, resin finish.


This flute can be seen in the following video:


Improvisation by Winne Clement on a double shepherd flute.


Double shepherd flute in G

Hand-drilled Elder wood, shellac finish.

Double Low Octave Drone Shepherd Flute in G

Double Whistle in G

New fipple design, Elder wood.

Double Whistle in G

New fipple design, Dog wood.