Welcome to Fujaraflutes, unique sound sculptures made by Winne Clement.


As a musician I like to hear, feel, smell, and look at something special and unique when it comes to instruments.

I like it when I recognise quality and even better when the instrument is a completely unique object in feel, form and sound, with its own design, character and voice, not just a "produced" object from a line of many others.

So that's what I feel I am doing and where my passion and joy in life is; making and playing unique sound sculptures.

I personally strive for all to be well tuned, balanced, stable and having a good reach, with a touching voice, character and vibe to them.

I cherish each instrument leaving the workshop on its journey through life, helping to enlighten existence in its own way. Like a great maker once said to me: 'when made with dedication they become a balm for the heart when played'.

All instruments are all playtested by myself, and it's my personal quest and guarantee that each one is made as if I were to play and use it myself. In the end that is where it all started.

Everyone, whether amateur or professional, will receive the same high quality.The best I can offer is my goal, every time. I don't compromise on that; this is who I am and what I stand for.

Winne Clement