As a musician I mainly perform as a soloist, but also in duo or as a guest musician, and from time to time in theatre.

I often perform in Europe, and regularly overseas. I completely go by heart and ear; I don't read sheet music and I mainly improvise.

I focus on sound and sound modulation, timbres and melodic phrases that move me deep inside. When I improvise I aim to be 'touched by the sound of my instrument, because that is when the music comes naturally'. This was a tip from my good friend, percussionist and soloist Jan Marmenout, (who also doesn't read music) who has taught me a great deal and with whom it all started. The above quote was his answer when I asked how he managed to be so relaxed going on stage in front of an audience of 1,000+, in the middle of a professional orchestra, without any idea of what he would play.

As a maker of my own instruments it is a privilege to experience a connection to the sound I 'sculpted' and searched for. It is an indescribable feeling to 'work and play' with that sound, and amongst the highest level of satisfaction I have reached in life so far.