I am Winne Clement, a Belgian instrument maker & musician.

I am not a folk musician or traditionalist belonging to any group. I am simply someone passionate about wood and sound, following his intuition.

With a background in fine art, a passion for woodworking since childhood, and coming from a musical family, I have always deeply enjoyed music, though it took me a while to find my instrument. When I was in my twenties I heard the sound of a ney on the radio, and later the fujara, and I remember being completely mesmerized. This was it; this was what I always wanted to learn.

Apart from the deeply moving, haunting sound, the rudimentary honesty of making music using only one's breath struck me. Simply blowing into a tube with holes seemed strongly earnest and made a deep impression on me.

When I began to search for and play ethnic flutes I discovered it was very difficult to find special, high-quality instruments. With some exceptions, all of the instruments I could get my hands on were of average to downright poor quality.

Out of this personal compulsion to play a unique, quality instrument with a touching character, I started making them for myself.

After many years of study and trial and error, a whole world opened up for me. Instrument making was so powerfully consuming that it took over my life completely. I found myself doing nothing else from morning until deep in the night, playing music and searching for that utopian 'ideal' instrument.

I never thought or imagined it could become my livelihood , like it is now. Selling my flutes and becoming a flute maker or musician was never an economic choice; it just happened and I am very happy and thankful that it did.