Ordering Flutes


Custom Orders:

You can get in touch with me to see if I have anything in stock at the moment, but I am usually working to a waiting list.

If you have time to wait then I would be happy to take your custom order and the details of your instrument; your personal measurements, finish etc. can be discussed. To ensure the quality of the instruments, and to reduce stress and keep the process fun for me I don't give time estimates, though exceptions can be made under some circumstances and for the right reasons. I also perform, lecture and work with people at irregular times, making strict workshop schedules impractical. In return for this trust, understanding and patience I always offer the best I can make, to everyone.

I always send a video recording of the finished instrument for your approval before payment and shipping, and pictures of the work in progress are possible. Please contact me for price indications of the instrument(s) you have in mind.

Interest list:

Besides placing a custom order you can also choose to be added to a 'general interest' list by simply sending me your e-mail address. By doing this you will receive a video once in a while of various instruments I have finished on the side and that become available. Sometimes I wake up and I feel the urge to start making a Fujara, a Kaval or other flute. I mostly take the freedom to make these besides the custom order list because it's my joy and passion, and I think it is important to allow this for both myself and the instruments. This way they exist because they wanted to be made themselves. These will be the instruments offered here. Of course you can be removed of this list at any time by clicking 'unsubscribe' on the e-mail.


Booking Winne for Concerts, Lectures and Classes


Contact me for more details and prices.


+-40 minute Solo concert, with improvisation on various wind and percussion instruments such as Fujara, Kaval, Double Flutes, Moutharp and Berimbau (can be in combination with a lecture).


+-1 hour presentation. I tell my story; how I became a flutemaker, what drives me, what it means to me and why I choose working with handttools in these fast times.
I will speak about passion, music ,doubts, beauty and the inspirational people and their insights I have met on my quest, while you can hear me play some of these instruments.


Diverse classes and workshops are possible.

  • Afternoon entry level overtone flute-making class and playing workshop. Make your own overtone flute with my help and learn how to play it. For ages 12-70.
  • 1, 2 or 3-hour flute playing classes - Overtone flute- Moldavian Kaval. Entry level, learn the basic playing techniques, breathing and improvisation (max. 15 people, instruments will be provided by me).
  • 2-hour class (advanced playing level) circular breathing and improvisation on wind instruments.

Upcoming Concerts & Workshops

Concert & Lecture Testimonials

It was a great day. After our meeting we had a great workflow with loads of energy! You are a open and fine inspiration, and me and the others truly enjoyed your story.
— Jeroen
Mr. Clement gave a concise and clear presentation of the history and performance of the overtone flutes. His performance was virtuosic and memorable.
— Dr. Ron Wirt

Dr. Ron Wirt
Professor of Music, Columbus State University

A natural and sincere speaker, Winne holds his audiences spellbound with his compelling story of how he sought out very specific resource people, artisans, and craftsman and despite language barriers and trekking through a variety of Northern European countries, he eventually found the teachings and tools he desired to create each individual and wonderful instrument he now creates.Winne also provided a fascinating demonstration of how he makes his flutes.We were so impressed by Winne’s passion for his work and the respect and beauty with which he creates each instrument. Winne is also very approachable and helpful with providing guidance in playing them!
— Janina Skutle Carlstad & John Fletcher

Janina Skutle Carlstad & John Fletcher
SomeAre Solstice Flutes & Woodland Wellness

It was such an incredible experience to listen to Winne Clement perform and speak. The way he made a personal connection with all of us through his stories was something very unique in a college conservatory. Also, his perspective on performing, that communicating what you feel and speaking directly to the audience is more important than being technically correct, is contrary to what many of us are taught. His visit was very special and rewarding, and something I’m so glad I had the chance to be apart of.
— Rebecca Bartlett

Rebecca Bartlett

The masterclass was both informative and entertaining. It was the perfect mixture of lecture and hands-on learning. Being able to build and play the flutes only enhanced the experience.
You are a fantastic musician as well as teacher.
— Jess Griggs, USA

Jess Griggs

It was so great to learn about Winne Clement and his craft. I feel lucky to have had the chance to meet someone who is so passionate about what he does. It was even more amazing to get a glimpse of what he does by building a flute under his guidance. He definitely has given me a new perspective on music and what it means to be a musician. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us!
— Paco de Alba

Paco de Alba