Jan Hendrickse
London, England
Musician/flute player, played flute on the soundtracks to The Lord of The Rings, Apocalypto, Narnia, The Hunger Games, The Three Feathers, The Cell, Beloved, Chocolat, The Passion of the Christ and more.
Moldavian kaval in key of A#

The flute was great! Perfect - just what I needed. This flute has put all kinds of ideas into my mind. I had not realised that this kind of fipple could have so much power and expressivity. Mainly because recorders and whistles in comparison to other flutes tend to have less contact or control of the airstream. However, your kavals are really extraordinary and very responsive and powerful. I found the tuning was very exact and worked very well with cimbalom and violin.

The instrument that I have from you is really exceptional I think. It has character and individuality as well as a very good response in all registers. The characteristics of the sound is matched by a very truthful and traditional design aesthetic. There is nothing fussy or extraneous in the design or decoration of the instrument and it reflects the natural characteristics of the piece of wood from which it was made. I can tell that there is years of dedication and experience involved in the perfection of an instrument like this and I must congratulate you on being able to stay so close to traditional designs whilst being so exact in tuning and response.

It has made me think totally differently about what might be possible with instruments like this and I look forward to discussing this with you at greater length. I will be experimenting with this instrument in everything from traditional to more experimental contexts, and I expect to continue to find new possibilities as I work with it.
— Jan Hendrickse

For a long time I was searching for a wooden flute that was made by someone who not only made flutes but who played them also, since a maker/player understands exactly what it takes to make a really excellent instrument plus they are aware of the subtleties required to produce the best sound and tone so when I came across Winne Clement’s site I knew I had found the right place, and being a flute maker and player myself I found that his priorities and his philosophy on flute making struck a very sympathetic chord. I bought his B-Kaval which has a great balance and (musical) interval, especially the voicing of the flute which is just amazing, the branch style design is also so beautiful. I have not been able to put this fantastic instrument down since I bought it and I thank Winne not only for his skill in making such a great instrument, but for his kindness also.
— Taro Kishimoto

Taro Kishimoto
Kyoto, Japan
Musician, Composer, Instrumentmaker
Moldavian kaval in key of 'B' with natural rodent teeth scars

Roderick Zeig
Zürich, Switzerland
Custom ornamented collapsible fujara 'Miro' in key of C/D

The collapsible fujara C/D is wonderful! I can reach a very wide sound spectrum with this flute. In the deep tones the sound is warm, round and soft, and perfect for a ‘mumlanie’ playing style.

The middle tones are elegant like an Alto flute. The high notes are powerful and clear and easy to get and great for playing ‘rozfuk’. Winne’s fujaras are characterized by a particularly beautiful, soft and mesmerizing sound rich in multiphonics.

They don’t consume much air to play and react to the slightest impulse.They articulate beautifully and are precisely tuned and go well together with violin, guitar and piano. A very wide overtone spectrum is there to enjoy when playing a Winne Clement fujara, and this makes playing them an unforgettable experience. For me personally they belong to the best ones available on the worldwide market today.
— Roderick Zeig

Hello Winne... just incredible. I have received your kaval and played it for an hour yesterday... playing your kaval is nothing similar to playing my cheap kaval... my cheap kaval is a little toy in comparison.

This is a nice flute, well tuned and very well constructed. It´s very playable, with a good balance between the different octaves and a clear sound. Excellent breath control. The communication with you was perfect, I think you are a nice guy and your flutes are really unique objects.
— Pablo Canalís

Pablo Canalis
Multi-instrumentalist and composer in Asturias, Spain
Moldavian kaval in key of 'B'

The fujara and the overtone flutes are made in a magnificent branchy style. The finish is perfect, and what about the sound!

They sound really great and warm, wide and powerful, perfectly tuned, and are so easy to play! You made a great work, beyond my wishes and in respect of my schedule. Flutes of dream made by a master!
— Jean-Luc Priano

Jean-Luc Priano
Bondy, France
Fujara in key of G# and overtone flute in G#

Winne, you are the man, the master! The flutes are fantastic in every way: looks and sound! It is amazing how different it is to play a great flute from an ordinary one. Even if I was deaf, I could feel the resonance in my fingers through the holes; also on the lips when partially covering the window in the low register. I also liked the touch of positioning a bump under the lower two holes of the “A”; perfect thumb rest. Amazing instruments. You have figured out the secrets of making an exceptional flute. Thank you. They were worth waiting for!
— Bela Foltin

Bela Foltin
Bellingham, USA
Moldavian kaval In key of 'C and 'A'

FUCK YEAH!!! Your flute rocks!!!

What a flute man! Wow!... you did not work your tail off for nothing... I am very grateful indeed!

Winne’s flutes have something that goes beyond actual hearing... they are endowed with a pure natural feeling and spirit, which is very rare in this world of mass-produced , factory made, instruments. When I’m playing the extra long overtone flute he built for me, I feel I can put not just my skill into it, but my soul as well!
— Dr. Steve Sic

Dr. Steve Sic
Singer, composer and flutist of folk-rock band 'OMNIA', the Netherlands
Custom made large overtone flute in D/C

Wow, the fujara is amazing, she is beautiful and sounds perfect.

I’m very impressed by your skills. You’re a true Master flutemaker!!!
— Xian Dimarco

Xian Dimarco
Melbourne, Australia
Carved fujara in key of G#

I was immediately drawn to Winne’s flutes. The beautiful finish of the wood reveals a love for flutes and culture. Besides being beautifully finished, the sound and playability are also crafted in detail. When I play the double shepherd flute people often react very surprised and the soft pure sound is ever beautiful.

The 2 octave reach and the possibility to play the flutes separately makes it multifunctional also in combination with other musicians.
— Luuk Lenders

Luuk Lenders
Double shepherd flute in key of G

Hey Winne, the flutes have just arrived and they are far more than I hoped for!

The fujara is almost too beautiful to play and the overtone flutes are just great and they play with ease! Nice not heaving to fight them like my other ones.
— Greg Mottl

Greg Mottl
Edmonton, Canada
Fujara in key of A

Winne Clement’s flutes are among the most beautiful in my collection. Collectors and players are awed by their good looks. Listeners cannot believe the quality, volume and perfect pitch this masterful craftsman manages to put into every one of his creations.
— David Bouchard

David Bouchard
Best-selling Métis author, presenter and fluteplayer
Native American solid piece branch style flutes in A#, B

Hello Winne, the flute you made for me sounds awesome and has very good tuning.

I practice on it every day!
— Vladiswar Nadishana

Vladiswar Nadishana
Berlin, Germany
Fujara in key of D